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All the reports coming out of the CDC and AVMA report that it is going to be a HORRIBLE year for ticks! Ticks effect not only animals but humans as well. They spread several different zoonotic diseases! Keep your pet safe with Flea/Tick Prevention & make sure you keep yourself safe by checking for ticks after being outdoors!!! Check out the link below to find out all you need to know about ticks! 

What you need to know about Ticks

Bravecto is a flea/tick chewable (topical for cats) that is good for 12 weeks (3months) of protection! Watch the commercial here!!!

NexGard is a flea/tick chewable that is good for 30 days of protection! Watch the commercial here!!

Seresto is a flea/tick collar that is good for 8 months of protection!! Watch the commercial here!!!